DRAFT: Welcome to our hard copy Transformations™ Card Deck!

Welcome to the innovative Transformations™ Cards deck

Transformations™ is a flexible, user-friendly tool for self-understanding, coaching, leadership development, and culture development. It can be used formally or informally by individuals and groups and of all ages and backgrounds. Among its benefits are the creation of self-insight and dialogue about the stages and processes of human development, in a way that is engaging as well as reflective, playful as well as serious, and impactful as well as fun.  

The tool itself is a deck of cards of two kinds: 84 Life Logic cards plus 50 Catalyst cards use unique labeled drawings to illustrate the seven transformations (or “stages”) of increasing human maturity from youth onward. The simple yet powerful artwork is especially appealing. Transformations has been used with great success all over the world including China, Africa, India, Singapore, Europe, Japan, and the USA. Transformations based in the research of Bill Torbert and Associates on vertical development during the life span and deeply influenced by the work of Bob Kegan and Susanne Cook-Greuter.

Transformations was developed by the Center for Creative Leadership in partnership with Bill Torbert and Elaine Herdman Barker of Action Inquiry Associates. Life logics are ways of thinking and acting in one’s life which mature with time. Life logics are also expressed by group, organizational and societal cultures. Later life logics (“later stages”) transcend and yet still include earlier life logics (“early stages”).

The set of Life Logics cards helps people reflect on the kinds of thinking and actions that guide their lives. These range from less complex or early stage logics to more complex later stage logics. There are 12 cards representing each of the seven stages for a total of 84 Life Logics cards in this version. The set of Catalyst cards helps people reflect on the processes that influence life transformations, such as work, mentoring, accidents, love, and so on. These cards are used to reflect on what kinds of things in life might be helping or hindering your further development.

The Transformations™ card deck can be used with a class, or with a client or client team, or at conferences either on its own, or as a way of introducing deeper developmental work with the GLP or MyWorldView. The card deck can also be used within an organization with a senior team. Coaches, consultants, researchers, and teachers can learn how to do this work and become Certified GLP Coaches by taking one of the numerous Vertical Development, Action Inquiry, Global Leadership Profile and MyWorldView certification workshops offered each year.

Bill Torbert

Co-developer of the Transformations™ Card Deck

Impact from working with the Transformations™ Deck

Insight into People

The card images help people to tell their own story, hear the development stories of others and so better understand how, in everyday life, our action-logics play out.

Insight into Systems

Part of the work with Transformations™ is discussing group histories, patterns of leadership and shared visions. Prompting questions such as how to create a shared and valued culture in the organization or community?
The images really bring development alive. The deck made it so much easier to see the phases of our growth and, although we were in really deep conversations, it was fun.

Workshop Participant

We have just started using these and they are fabulous for accelerating reflective growth conversations for individuals working together in larger workshop groups.  Just wish I had something like these 13 years ago. I’m keen to introduce working with images and development to more groups who may not usually have access to this.
Michael Hann

Founding Chair, Global Studies Industry Advisory Board, Monash University

Transformations™ Results

We have global reports on the effectiveness of using Transformations™…more It offers the possibility of: ▪ Deeper dialogue with colleagues about personal & group development ▪ A better understanding of what lies behind a person’s style of leadership ▪ A conversation about the strategic direction of leadership in the organization ▪ A fresh insight on one’s developmental journey ▪ Taking a new look at patterns in the group, organization or society; exposing what is valued or shunned.


Coaching Package: One Logic deck plus one Catalyst deck: £320.

Facilitator’s Package – suitable for a group of up to 30 participants. Six decks of our new Transformations Cards: £1200.

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User Guide Extract; "Images of Leadership Development", by Elaine Herdman Barker

The Transformations™ card deck, with its myriad images, is a breakthrough in vertical development. Life affirming, fun and honoring of each individual, as he or she chooses which ones best illustrate a past leadership practice or a future aspiration. For further reading on the value of images in leadership development, please click here to download GLA President, Elaine Herdman-Barker’s, article titled ‘Images of Leadership
Development (through TRANSFORMATIONS™).