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Today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges. The landscape they see is filled with complexity, uncertainty and anxiety. What’s more, they need to change direction often – and fast! That’s why today’s leaders need more than just a map to navigate their world… They need one that offers different ways to interpret that world.

Based on over 50 years of research, MyWorldView helps locate your current worldview in a range of seven. It then teaches you how to increase your awareness… Awareness of self, of relationships and of the many systems of which you’re a part of.

Internationally used in development programmes, recruitment and coaching, MyWorldView is a powerful tool for developing leaders.

It helps you:

Explore your own estimate of how you see the world

Discover your current profile through tailored animations and easy-to-understand content.

Tease out your thinking on the crucial leadership dimensions: time, power and change.

Apply learning through practical experiments – and take real action.

Consider the worldview culture of your organization. This means you’re able to understand the fish AND the water in which they swim!

With it, leaders, teams and whole organisations can explore the stages of adult development – at any time. That’s because MyWorldView is set on a dynamic and accessible virtual platform. This professional learning platform maximises your unique contribution to the world. It takes you on an engaging, life-affirming journey of leadership, reflection and learning. Its impact can be seen on many levels including personal transformation, enhanced business results and leaders contributing to the common good of society.

MyWorldView is a catalyst to accelerate your leadership contribution to our precious world.




MyWorldView goes beyond producing reliable data at a group level and provides an accurate, valid and robust measure for each leader. Please read our paper here for more information. 

MyWorldView assessments and digital debriefs cost £315 / $400 USD per user and are available to purchase from our online shop HEREFor scale discounts (100 profiles and over) and pricing for authorised practitioners, not for profit organisations and developing countries, please contact info@gla.global 

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