All new MyWorldView® Certification Program!

This gateway program, open to all, is the root to becoming an Authorized Practitioner and all the associated benefits of joining this community.

The program introduces coaches, business leaders, consultants, leadership development specialists, researchers and practitioners to adult development (vertical) theory and practice. This program combines GLA’s deep experience in the field, an experiential learning approach based on Action Inquiry and the game changing MyWorldView® psychometric.

MyWorldView® Practitioner Certification involves taking MyWorldView® yourself, four x 2.5 hour modules, two Learning Cafes and a complimentary MyWorldView® profile to use with a client at the end. The cost is just US$999 for coaches and practitioners and US$1,499 for corporates. At the end of the program, participants will be welcomed into GLA’s vibrant Authorized Practitioner community enjoying a host of benefits including (for independent coaches) being able to purchase MyWorldView® profiles at a 50% discount to the retail price – US$200 (RRP US$400).

June 2024

4, 6, 11, 13 June

(2.5 hour sessions)

Additional 1 hour learning cafes 

08:00 UK/ 17:00 AEST


July 2024

9, 11, 16, 18 July

(2.5 hour sessions)

Additional 1 hour learning cafes 12 and 19 July

11:00 ET  / 16:00 UK

View our July brochure HERE


September 2024

17, 19, 24, 26 September

(2.5 hour sessions)

Additional 1 hour learning cafes

11:00 ET  / 16:00 UK

View our September brochure HERE


November 2024

12, 14, 19, 21 November

(2.5 hour sessions)

Additional 1 hour learning cafes 15 and 22 November

11:00 ET  / 16:00 UK

View our November brochure HERE


Further optional modules are available following this MyWorldView® Practitioner Certification Program including:

This certification workshop is the route to becoming an Authorized Practitioner.

Following attendance at the program you will be welcomed in GLA’s community of Authorized Practitioners with the following benefits…

1. Access to a wide range of resources for coaching, team coaching, leadership development programs, and organizational application

2. Resources to help you sell MyWorldView to your clients

3. Regular free community events including Q&A sessions, community sharing and going deeper into adult development teaching events

4. Discount on professional development programs being offered by the community e.g. working with the shadow side of the seven worldviews

5. Regular news updates sharing developments in the community and the field

6. Access to the MyWorldView platform and practitioner dashboard which enables you to manage cohorts of participants using MyWorldView