Team Development

Our adult developmental approach has frequently proved transformational for leaders involved in what we call a first-person action inquiry: that is they are focused on their own personal leadership capacity and impact.

This approach becomes even more powerful when the first person inquiry (I) is accompanied by a second person or team inquiry (You and We).

Too often team development focuses exclusively on the personality dynamics of the group or the task to be achieved. While these issues are important and do bring certain value, there is another much more revealing dimension to consider ….

We look at the action logic (stage of development) at which the team is operating which may be very different from the action logics of individual team members. The powerful insights that emerge from this exploration tend to open up a completely different level of dialogue, and in particular a focus on how well the team process is working and how it relates to the wider context, the third person perspective. It is the interplay between these systemic insights that creates the potential to build something truly transformational.

We work as facilitators and coaches to many senior teams in both global and local organizations.