We are delighted to launch the first six episodes of our brand new podcast series, Leading For Good. Hosted by Elaine Herdman-Barker, Chair & Partner for Mutual Growth…and the search for the common good at Global Leadership Associates, join us as we gather with people who are transforming leadership. The series aims to stretch how we think about “a leader’s footprint.” We’ll ask, can leaders tip the world towards the good and contribute in ways that both feel good and are profitable? With strategic thinkers from organisations worldwide, we’ll investigate what Leading for Good means. 


Episode 1: Leading for Good with Leslie Dighton

In this launch episode, Trustee for the Foundation of the Common Good, Founder of the Chairman’s Club & Governor of the LSE, Leslie Dighton, examines how leading for the common good can expand and enrich our thinking for the benefit of us all. These are the words and views of Leslie Dighton.

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Episode 2: Leading for Good with Andy Samuel

Can leaders plan for a future in which the true wealth of energy is shared? Do they have the skills and support needed to take hold of a complex situation, keep the lights on and transition towards net zero?

Andy Samuel, CEO of the North Sea Transition Authority discusses what is required of leaders if they are to face into their social, economic and planetary responsibilities?

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Episode 3: Leading for Good with Andrew Wallis

“Breaking up baked-in systems”; Andrew Wallis, Founder and CEO of Unseen, an organisation working towards the eradication of modern slavery, talks about how to disrupt a system of human exploitation, the scale of which the world has not seen before.

With minimum estimates of 50 million held in slavery, it took a long time for things to get this far. How can it be brought to a stop? What can leaders, from all walks of life do, to alter the progress of any system, well fixed in commercial gain?

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Episode 4: Leading for Good with James Cameron, CBE

In this episode, James Cameron, Vice President of Global Leadership and Learning in Walmart reflects on what ‘leading into your best’ really means. In an immense organisation, like Walmart, leaders have the opportunity to better the environment and shift global thinking, on sustainable ways of living. At the same time, they need to deliver as retailers. How do they find themselves in such a large system? Is it possible to harmonise a no-nonsense business approach with a more holistic regenerative vision?

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Episode 5: Leading for Good with Kate Isler

Join us as Kate Isler, Co-Founder and CEO of TheWMarketplace – an e-commerce platform supporting women-owned businesses – talks to Elaine Herdman-Barker about celebrating women’s contribution to society. She also speaks to the imbalance in their access to senior decision – making roles. Setting this disparity in a global context, she discusses whether gender equality is a vital part of a healthy society. Are we, she questions, seeing, in regard to women’s participation, the giddying pace of change so evident across many other parts of life?

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Episode 6: Leading for Good with Dr Jan Birtle

Join us as Dr Jan Birtle, Consultant Medical Psychotherapist, NHS clinical leader, Executive coach and highly experienced educator with a passion for making a positive impact talks to Elaine Herdman-Barker. Jan has facilitated personal learning and growth in successful executives through to highly traumatised people who have found fulfilling ways forward.

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COMING SOON…..Episode 7: Leading for Good with Claire D’Abreu-Hayling

Join us as Claire D’Abreu-Hayling, Chief Scientific Officer at Sandoz and a member of the Sandoz Executive Committee, talks to Elaine Herdman-Barker.

In her role, Claire leads an organization of over 1,800 associates across 5 major countries globally. She is a strong advocate of women in leadership in STEM, a champion for Inclusion and Diversity in her current and previous organizations and a member of the Women Leaders Association in the UK. 

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Claire D'Abreu-Hayling

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