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Solid academic research is the foundation of the Global Leadership Profile

Scientific Validity of the GLP

The GLP is based on Bill Torbert’s 40+ years of research. Torbert has been involved in testing the validity of several developmental leadership measures that are close equivalents, and the GLP is the latest version, building on the validity of the others, while improving upon them in various ways

Academic Hub

Our Academic Hub connects doctoral students, faculty, researchers, and anyone interested in Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry at universities and other academic institutions across the world.


Current Research and Empirical Studies whose focus are the theory of action inquiry, the methods of collaborative developmental action inquiry, and the GLP as a tool for measurement of individual growth, learning and development.


While new articles and periodical journals keep us up to date, Action Inquiry and GLP practitioners rely on a foundation of important texts in their library. Here, arranged from the most recent to the earliest, are five of Bill Torbert’s seminal contributions to individual and organizational development theory, experiential learning theory, and action inquiry practice.


Articles included in this section were curated from scholarly papers contributed by academics and recognized practitioners of Action Inquiry and the Global Leadership Profile


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