Something new has arrived!

We are delighted to launch the first five episodes of our brand new podcast series, Leading For Good. Hosted by Elaine Herdman-Barker, Chair & Partner for Mutual Growth…and the search for the common good at Global Leadership Associates, join us as we gather with people who are transforming leadership. The series aims to stretch how we think about “a leader’s footprint.” We’ll ask, can leaders tip the world towards the good and contribute in ways that both feel good and are profitable? With strategic thinkers from organisations worldwide, we’ll investigate what Leading for Good means. 

Our first four episodes – with Leslie Dighton, Trustee for the Foundation of the Common Good, Andy Samuel, CEO of the North Sea Transition Authority, Andrew Wallis, Founder and CEO of Unseen, an organisation working towards the eradication of modern slavery, James Cameron CBE, Vice-President of Global Leadership & Learning at Walmart & Kate Isler, Co-Founder and CEO of The WMarketplace – are now live! To find out more, and to be the first to know when we release new episodes visit Leading for Good