Order GLP Profiles



Enter below the GLP code prefix that you wish to use for the profiles purchased.

You can create your own GLP codes for your clients to use to complete the profile. Please note that the system for allocating codes has changed with the transition to a new GLP system in October 2021. You now need to only enter the stem of the codes, and the system will automatically append a serial number which ensures that the codes are unique.

For example, if your stem is GLOBAL, and you’ve already had codes GLOBAL-1001, GLOBAL-1002, GLOBAL-1003, if you order 5 codes with that stem you will be assigned GLOBAL-1004 to GLOBAL-1008. (Note that all new codes will include a dash before the serial number, but will take into account any previous codes regardless of a dash.)

Your stem must begin with a letter, and can only include letters and numbers. It will be converted to upper case.

Select how many codes you want to purchase, and whether they will include provision for personal commentaries and/or self-estimates.

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