Vertical Self-Estimate™ Card Deck

Global Leadership Associates launches new Vertical Development Tool

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Vertical Self-Estimate (VSE) card deck. This portable, 8-card tool guides people in estimating their vertical stages of development, known as Action Logics, for both self and others as well as individually and collectively.

The VSE cards can be used in a variety of contexts including one to one coaching, in parallel with the Global Leadership Profile assessment tool, in a classroom environment and estimating ones one centre of gravity as well as that of others. The cards are highly customizable in support of client designs.

Users are invited to sort the 7 Action-Logic cards from the most to the least in answer to a range of questions for example; which of the Action Logics are most like me now and which do I go to under stress? Discussions are then encouraged with a coach or colleague who may also be invited to sort the cards on how they see the individual at play.

This is a significant time in the field of Vertical Development and we’re delighted to be able to make the theory more accessible to people and support their inquiry via the new VSE cards. The powerful combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person inquiry invites a level of conversation that allows for self-reflection as well as opening up the dialogue with colleagues. By the very nature of action inquiry, we are continually learning about this new tool.
Richard Izard

Managing Director, Global Leadership Associates

Getting Started

Those wishing to work with the VSE card deck, first need to attend a two hour mini-certification programme highlighting the theory behind and best practice of the new cards.


in US Dollars

    The VSE is part of the larger collaboration between CCL and GLA. There is a $20 one-time per deck license fee to GLP.

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