How to videos and Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for users of MyWorldView

How do users start or resume their MyWorldView journey?
Users who have received the MyWorldView invitation can click on this link at any time  Here they insert their email address, and a further link will automatically be sent to them to start or resume their journey. The user will automatically be sent this link when they first are invited to take MWV. In this same invitation, users are informed that they can click on the link again to resume their journey, should they need to. They will be sent this link a second time when their digital debrief is ready (after they’ve completed their sentence stems). Please note, the system only recognizes emails that have been registered on the practitioner dashboard.  
How long does MyWorldView take to complete?
The MWV journey is in 2 parts: (1) The assessment process requires a user to complete thirty sentence stems in any way they want. We recommend they do this in one sitting and allow up to one hour to complete. When they have submitted their responses, it takes up to one business day for them to receive their results and access the digital debrief. (2) The digital learning experience will take around 30 – 45 minutes to complete. Please note these timeframes are automatically communicated to users.  
Can sentence completions be changed?
Once the user has answered and submitted their 30 sentence completions, it’s not possible to go back and change their answers. 
Is there a MyWorldView report?
The primary learning resource for MyWorldView users is the digital experience. At the end of this, they can download a summary PDF report, any journal notes and answers to reflection questions. Please note that the report simply summarizes the information the user has seen and inputted. Practitioners do not have access to these PDFs unless users forward to them. 
How long will the user be able to access MyWorldView?
Once a user has started their MyWorldView journey they will be able to return for up to five years. Note that they won’t be able to change their sentence stems once submitted. 
What are the similarities and differences between MyWorldView and the GLP?
Please see this document, click here
How do I access MyWorldView user results?
Authorized Practitioners can access user results – how they have profiled – if they have been setup on their practitioner dashboard by following these steps: (1) Login to your dashboard which appears as a box on the practitioner site (2) go to the relevant “company” you have linked users to (3) go to the relevant “cohort” within that company (4) you will then see a list of names and if you scroll along each row it will state how they have profiled (e.g. Redefining) and/or show their progress in the MyWorldView journey (i.e. whether they have completed their sentence stems or how far into the digital learning experience they have gone).  
How does GLA use MWV/GLP data?
Before starting their GLP or MyWorldView journey, users are asked to consent to GLA’s privacy policy. The system will not enable them to continue with the journey unless they accept the policy terms. Our privacy policy is published on our website and can be found here.  
How do I organize my MyWorldView purchases and invite users to start?
How do I manage active MyWorldView users?
From the user’s perspective, what is the MyWorldView process?
  1. Receive email invitation that outlines the process and allows them to register by inserting their email address
  2. they will then receive a second system email with a link where they confirm first name/last name and agree to the privacy policy
  3. they then continue the journey by completing their 30 sentence stems and finish by clicking “next.” They are here informed that their results/digital debrief are available in one business day
  4. they receive a third email which tells them their results and debrief are ready and asks them to click through to their results
  5. user goes through digital debrief
  6. at the end, the user has the option to download a summary PDF report, journal entries, and answers to reflection questions
  7. user can resume or revisit any part of the debrief for up to five years.  
What is the copy/text for MWV system generated emails?
Subject – Your MyWorldView invitation  Welcome to your MyWorldView journey which offers you the opportunity to consider your leadership style and how you interpret and respond to problems, opportunities and relationships.  MyWorldView will help you transform your leadership to: 
  • Become more effective in managing people. 
  • Help others transform toward greater efficacy. 
  • Co-lead team and organizational transformation toward greater agility. 
Full details are provided as you journey through the digital platform.  You will be asked to respond to 30 sentence stems, which is the basis for your MyWorldView profile. We recommend completing it in one sitting when you’re unlikely to be disturbed (allow for up to 1 hour). There are no right or wrong answers. Please access MyWorldView on a desktop or laptop, rather than using a tablet or phone.   Once your completed profile is available, you will take our leading-edge digital debrief, which uses animated videos, reflection exercises and stimulating infographic content to experience your leadership journey.  When you are ready, visit to enter your email address and access MyWorldView.   If you have to leave the platform at any point, your progress so far will be saved.  You can get back into MyWorldView simply by returning to  We hope you enjoy the MyWorldView experience! 
Are there access codes for MyWorldView?
For users set up by Authorized Practitioners, the system treats the user’s email address as their unique access code. Be aware that sometimes users might have more than one work email address, but they will need to use the one registered with us.  

Technical Queries for MyWorldView

User can’t move to the next screen with self-estimate or organizational-estimate
If the ‘Next’ button is greyed out, this may mean they have not selected a card on screen. Please click to select, then they can move to the next page of their journey. (They may need to scroll down, or zoom out, to see this.)
User can’t come out of journal entry
They should see a cross in the top right of their entry. Please click here to come out of the journal entry. This will be saved and available at the end of your journey.  
Can MyWorldView be accessed on a mobile or tablet?
MWV should be accessed on a desktop or laptop and not on a tablet or phone. 
What browsers can users access MyWorldView?
Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.