Elaine Herdman-Barker

Chair & Partner for Mutual Growth…and the search for the common good at Global Leadership Associates, prioritising where we can better respond for the good of us all. She is the co-creator of the Global Leadership Profile and leading authority on assessing and supporting change in leadership action-logics.

Elaine leads the Action Inquiry and Certification Workshops as well as the development of the GLP approach and the training of GLP assessors. She consults across multiple sectors, with a worldwide coaching practice, specializing in the development of high potential leaders and senior executives.

Elaine is dedicated to helping individuals liberate their leadership skills by unlocking untapped potential and developing their leadership capabilities and strategic thinking skills. Her passion is in supporting high potential leaders to realize their talent. She approaches coaching, group facilitation and leadership development programmes from the position that individuals have an inexhaustible resource from which to build their leadership capacity. Her fundamental aim is to uphold the talents of the person and to bring forward their unique style while facilitating a match with the goals of the organization.

Elaine is a leading world authority on assessing and profiling action logics/leadership paradigms and supports consultants and organizations to apply this practice to transform leadership effectiveness. She continues to be actively engaged in international research on how best to support high potential leaders, building on years of ongoing research with Professor Bill Torbert & Professor Rob Bongaardt.



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Receptivity to Feedback: How do leaders respond to developmental assessments? Researching how business leaders respond to the GLP Report feedback on their development. Our research explores how business leaders experience getting to know their ego development test results. What sense do they make of the results? And how? Rob Bongaardt & Elaine Herdman- Barker (initial findings presented at The Hague; May 2016 ESRAD)

Reflecting on Feedback: How do individuals engage with GLP feedback over time? Researching how individuals make sense of the GLP Report feedback after several months. What is the impact of the action-inquiry process? Does it change awareness? In which situations? Elaine Herdman-Barker & Rob Bongaardt